Creative Producer | Trailer Editor



As a creative producer and trailer editor I’m responsible for promoting television shows and movies with the aim of enticing viewers to watch content. In 30 seconds or less, I try to tell a story which excites, entices and intrigues a viewer to sample or try a show/movie. I’ve been reinforcing brands of a network, helping to increase ratings and ultimately profits.

With over 10 years of experience, I’m used to working with an eye on profitability, but also with the purpose of delivering projects that surpasses expectation. My work within the industry has demonstrated creative flair, great organizational skills and a passion for what I do.

My promos and trailers have garnered worldwide attention, demonstrating my abilities and the high-end standard I work to, even on lower budgets. The aim is to take all the experience I have gained so far to create successful and award-winning promos, whilst improving my own creative skills.

I like to experiment new things and techniques. Sometimes it’s a risk, but nothing can substitute experience.
I love what I do and it shows in every piece I cut.

Based in London, UK